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Product Development for Earth Friendly Environment

Ichinen chemicals Environmental Policy

While complying with all environmental related laws and regulations, and endeavoring to provide with goods and services that contribute to environmental improvement, and developing and supplying products that will improve people’s livelihood, Ichinen chemicals will collectively carry out its business activities in line with society’s demand for conservation of environment, energy, and natural resources.

Environmental Policy of Sales Headguarters 1,
Sales Headguarters 2, and
R & D Headguarters

Ichinen chemicals will proactively get involved in finding solutions for environmental issues including global warming, and as a company who is ready to adapt to sustainable economy in the 21st century, will take its share of responsibilities as a member of global society. We will maintain highly visible transparency through extensive information disclosure, and is aiming to take part in creating society of the 21st century while communicating thoroughly with the stakeholders of our company including customers and investors. We will comply with all environment related laws and regulations as well as requirements we commercially agree, and endeavor to protect environment, continuously improving the environmental management system, and engage in business activities with high environmental efficiency including reduction of waste materials and conservation of energy and natural resources. We will educate our employees and contractors to raise their consciousness towards environmental protection, set our plan including the purpose and objective for environmental activities, and operate on, evaluate, and revise such plan while actively carry out tactics to achieve conservation of environment, energy, and natural resources.

Revised as of April 1, 2016

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